Erika Padan Freeman recieves Hall of Fame Award from IWF-Austria

Erika Padan Freeman recieves Hall of Fame Award

We are happy to announce that Erika Padan Freeman was awarded the 1st Hall of Fame Award on Monday September 26th in recognition for her manyfold contributions to IWF International. The ceremony took place at the Hotel Imperial in Vienna in front of Austria’s women leaders, who celebrated Erikas achievements in psychoanalysis and international leadership.

Erika Freeman was born in Vienna in 1927 and had to flee the Nazi terror in 1940. She is a star psychoanalyst in the US, student of Theodor Reik, Freud’s most influencial student.

We thank Uschi Fellner and Look Magazine for sponsoring the event and Helga Hertz for the preparing the certificate.

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